Adam Driver Tries Really Hard to Convince Us He’s “Very Chill” in His SNL Opening Monologue


Adam Driver wants to get one thing straight: he’s not at all like his Girls character or Kylo Ren. “People assume I’m just like the characters I play,” the actor said in the opening monologue for his third time hosting Saturday Night Live. Driver then spent the remainder of the time trying to come up with ways to illustrate how he’s “actually very chill” and “very approachable.”

Spoiler alert: he wasn’t entirely successful. “People think I hate red carpet stuff, and I do,” Driver said, before proceeding to explain he’s actually just bad at smiling. (Examples of course followed.) The rambling and delightfully minimalistic monologue was a perfect display of Driver’s comedic chops. It also ended with Driver noting, “I’m in a movie with Scarlett Johansson, so I’ve basically kissed Colin Jost.” So, there’s that!

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