Beth Chapman’s Daughter Shares Old Video Of Beth Talking About The Devil Amid Feud With Dog


Beth Chapman’s daughter Cecily shared an old video of her mom speaking about faith to a fan. She retweeted the video amidst the family’s rift over Dog’s rumored girlfriend, Moon Angell, who Cecily claims moved into the home Beth and Dog shared together.

“For The Love of Beth” is a new hashtag that’s making its way around the internet in honor of the late Beth Chapman. She passed away from cancer complications on June 26 at the age of 51. A woman named Tami, who appeared to have a friendship with Beth, shared the hashtag, along with a video of Beth speaking directly to her about faith and the devil. In the caption of Tami’s video, she addressed rumors that Beth’s husband, Dog The Bounty Hunter is dating Moon Angell, who is a friend of the family. The video has now gone viral because Cecily B. Chapman, Beth’s biological daughter, retweeted it amidst the family’s feud over Dog’s rumored relationship.

“Some Ppl R willing 2 betray yrs of friendship just 2B in the spotlight,” Tami’s caption above the video read. “Those who R grieving the loss of a spouse R not yet prepared 2 date. A husband distraught by grief may latch on 2 a new relationship prematurely out of desperation 4 luv & physical contact,” she concluded.

In the video, which contains two separate videos edited into one, Beth speaks about never giving up hope. “You know Tami, it’s not the Lord that does those things, and it’s not the Lord that lets those things happen,” she began. “The devil comes to rob, cheat and destroy And, if families don’t have a solid Christian base, or some type of spirituality then it’s easy for them to fall into those traps, where you feel helpless or worthless. But, if you live in Christianity, faith and fear void each other out. You can’t have faith and have fear,” Beth continued. “So, if you’re a faithful person that believes in a high God or believes in something more than what we have here, then fear can’t peak in. You have to give it time, you have to learn about the Lord, you have to read the bible, maybe find a church, maybe a little bible study, one of those things might help you. But, I don’t want you to get lost in hopelessness.”

The video then cuts into a second monologue by Beth from a separate time. She appeared to comfort Tami, who had been sick, and even spoke about her own health battles.

“Hi Tami, it’s taken me quite a while to put this video together for you and I appreciate your patience, but I gotta you, hun, I had to think about your request and I had to think about your words of wisdom,” Beth said. “Being sick since you’re 15-year-old is a lot to take. I’ve been a little sick this year and I can tell you it’s so depressing — waking up sick, wondering, ‘Oh my God, am I going to be sick like this forever?’ I know you how feel. But, you got to get up, you gotta show up every day, every day. And, you got to take every day for what you got,” she went on. “And, even though sometimes it feels really hard to keep going, dear, you gotta keep going, Ok? You’ve got kids. And, I just gotta let you know, no matter the devil throws at you, the Lord Jesus Christ can handle it. Alright. You keep your faith in God.”

Cecily retweeted the video after she, along with Dog’s daughter (and Beth’s stepdaughter), Lyssa Chapman, publicly slammed Dog and Moon over their rumored romance. In a series of tweets on January 6, Lyssa, who’s feuded with Moon in the past, accused Moon of dating her brother and then moving on with Dog. Lyssa also claimed Moon removed Beth’s clothes from her closet, and replaced them with her own. That same day, Cecily tweeted a similar claim.

“I’ve been very quiet concerning the circumstances but tbh what kinda “friend” moves into a dead friends house with their husband?! And ACTS LIKE THEY DID NOTHING WRONG? #Narcissist,” Cecily wrote on Twitter.

Dog has since responded to the dating rumors, and claimed Moon is around to help him since his kids are “grown and gone on their own,” in a statement to Radar Online. He also noted that Beth could never be replaced.

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