Celeb surgeon Dr Esho returns to NHS after baby was hospitalised with ventilator


Celebrity surgeon Dr Esho has returned to work on the NHS frontline to fight the coronavirus after his baby son was hospitalised.

Tijon Esho is a former NHS worker, and has signed back up to help the country beat the deadly virus.

But the brave doctor was personally affected by coronavirus when his baby son Roman was hospitalised and put on a ventilator, suspected to have the illness.

Speaking to Huffington Post, Dr Esho explained he took an oath when he became a doctor, and he stands by his vow to stand up and help when he can.

He is one of 12,000 workers known to be returning to assist efforts to beat the virus.

Dr Esho has pledged to help the NHS and has dedicated his charity to fighting the coronavirus
(Image: Instagram)

Esho began his career as an NHS surgeon working in aesthetics and plastic surgery, before opening his own private practice.

He revealed he initially felt shielded from the crisis in his private clinic, but when he entered an NHS hospital again he realised how bad things really were.

Esho said his harrowing experience with his 15-month-old son opened his eyes to how serious the crisis was.

“I saw the reality of what was starting to happen. I saw what was happening on the wards and saw the people in masks and the patients on respirators,” he said.

Dr Esho with fiancé Laura and 15-month-old Roman
(Image: Instagram)

“We are now seeing it is impacting not just old and frail people with health conditions but younger, healthy people with no previous problems and that is a scary thing.”

This made him realise he couldn’t just stand by, he needed to go and help.

He added: “Some of the colleagues who work for me still do NHS work as well and I could see the sacrifices they were making and the stress they were under.”

A couple of weeks ago, Esho and his fiancé Laura realised Roman was not breathing properly, and his condition deteriorated.

Baby Roman is now recovered and back home, but Dr Esho’s eyes were opened
(Image: Instagram)

The worried parents were initially told not to take their baby to hospital because of the virus, but he was eventually admitted after he was struggling to breathe.

Esho said they were heartbroken when they were told they could not see their son as he was intubated and spent four days on a ventilator.

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Roman was tested and did not have coronavirus, but a rare form of influenza.

When Roman was recovered and back home, Esho pledged to help the NHS free of charge.

He has also been donating masks ans alcohol gels to hospitals through his charity, the Esho Initiative, which was originally set up to help people with botched plastic surgery, but is now dedicated to fighting coronavirus.

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