Did Spinning Out Score High-Enough Marks For a Season 2? Here’s What We Know


SPINNING OUT, from left: Kaya Scodelario, Evan Roderick, 'Healing Times May Vary', (Season 1, ep. 107, aired Jan. 1, 2020). photo: Christos Kalohoridis / Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

Netflix’s figure-skating series Spinning Out packs tons of drama into its first season, but will there be a season two? So far, Netflix hasn’t made any public announcements about the future of its new sports drama, but there aren’t any indicators yet that the show will get canceled before it can return for another season. Unfortunately, it will probably be a little while before we find out for sure.

As per usual, it’s hard to get a good sense of how well a Netflix show like Spinning Out is actually doing, since it doesn’t release any information about viewership numbers the way traditional broadcast networks do. Spinning Out does have somewhat niche appeal, as a drama about a niche sport, but the interpersonal storylines are every bit as intriguing as the actual skating stuff. For skating fans, it’s a fun way to fill the gaps between Olympic cycles, with the next Winter Olympics a full two years away — and there are plenty of real-life references in the show! Aside from the skating segments, which require some filming and editing magic to make it look like the actors are actually skating (the show uses real elite skaters for the difficult segments), the show is probably not as expensive to make as some of the others on the platform: it’s a relatively small-scale character drama without a ton of CGI effects or enormous, glamorous sets.

The finale of Spinning Out season one certainly seemed to set up a second season, ending on several cliffhangers. On the sports side of things, we haven’t yet found out how Kat and Justin’s program at sectionals goes, since the episode ends right as they take the ice — will they make it through to nationals or not? Kat’s skier friend Marcus also faces a setback when he’s cut from his team. It’s the personal relationships that are even more on edge, though, particularly when it comes to Kat’s teenage sister, Serena, who reveals she’s been taken advantage of by the adult Dr. Parker. If Spinning Out does return for a second season, there will definitely be plenty of story to still tell!

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