EastEnders’ most chilling New Year deaths: From Ronnie and Roxy to Dennis Rickman


EastEnders often airs big scenes on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, with this year set to be no different.

The BBC soap is lining up trouble for the Carters as Linda’s drinking spirals dangerously out of control.

There also seems to be big scenes to come for Martin Fowler, while the Mitchells and the Taylors will take centre stage.

Scenes will follow the dramatic events of Christmas Day, with secrets and lies exposed – as new ones are formed.

But New Year on EastEnders is no stranger to drama and heartache, with several characters having been killed off during the big episodes.

Here’s some of the most shocking and chilling deaths and murders in Albert Square on these days…

EastEnders Christmas spoilers reveal Phil takes revenge on Sharon and Keanu
(Image: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Tiffany Mitchell

Ross Kemp as Grant Mitchell watches on as Tiffany is run over by Frank in Eastenders
Tiffany Mitchell was run over and killed
(Image: BBC)

Tiffany Mitchell, played by Martine McCutcheon, was tragically killed off on the BBC soap on New Year’s Eve 1998.

After a bitter split with abusive husband Grant Mitchell, a fight began over who would get custody of their daughter Courtney.

Tiff was forced to chase Grant out of The Queen Vic after he took Courtney, but after he shoved her in the road, Frank Butcher failed to see her in the path of his car.

As she went to get up, she was hit by his car and died in the road from her injuries.

Barry Evans

Barry Evans was murdered by Janine Butcher
(Image: BBC)

EastEnders aired a shocking murder twist on New Year’s Day 2004, when Barry Evans was murdered by wife Janine Butcher.

He sustained serious head injuries when he was pushed down a cliff in Scotland.

Janine was shocked by what she had done, but then sat with him and watched him die as he begged for help.

Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell

Ronnie and Roxie in Pool
Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell drowned

One of the most shocking and brutal deaths of all time came on New Year’s Day 2017, just as the clock hit midnight.

Hours after marrying Jack Branning, Ronnie Mitchell drowned while trying to save her sister Roxy who also died.

In brutal scenes after a night of drinking, Roxy dived into the pool only to not re-emerge, leaving Ronnie horrified.

She dived in to rescue her younger sister only for her huge wedding dress to weigh her down, with both sisters sinking to the bottom of the pool and drowning.

It was later confirmed Roxy had taken cocaine, and had suffered a heart attack when she hit the water, leading to her being blamed for her and Ronnie’s deaths.

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks was killed in a car crash
(Image: BBC)

New Year’s Day 2007 saw the death of Kevin Wicks – the ex of Shirley Carter, and partner of Denise Fox.

In a tragic accident, Kevin died in a car crash caused by himself as he went joyriding in a scrapyard.

He and Shirley had planned to get rid of the dodgy vehicle, having been shifting stolen cars for Phil Mitchell only for the police to be on to them.

But his attempts to make it look like joyriders had taken it from Yolande Trueman before setting it alight backfired, when Kevin smashed the car into rubble and became impaled.

Carl White

Carl attacks Ronnie
Ronnie murdered Carl after he tried to rape her
(Image: BBC)

Villain Carl White was murdered by Ronnie Mitchell on New Year’s Day 2014.

He had attempted to rape Ronnie and turned violent towards her, after she held him hostage in The Arches.

Ronnie hit him over the head with a car boot, slamming it down on him, before having the car crushed with his body inside.

Dennis Rickman

Dennis Rickman was murdered over New Year
(Image: BBC)

EastEnders favourite Dennis Rickman was tragically murdered in scenes that left viewers heartbroken.

He was stabbed in the chest by one of gangster Johnny Allen’s men, Danny Moon, after a brutal fight between them.

Dennis died in partner Sharon’s arms in tragic scenes, as Walford celebrated the New Year – the scenes aired on December 30th 2005.

Pat Butcher

Pat Butcher passed away after battling cancer
(Image: BBC)

Walford legend Pat Butcher passed away surrounded by her family on New Year’s Day 2012, after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

It was the end of an era, or “end of an earring” as fans said, with Pat having been on the show since 1986.

Ray Kelly

Hunter shot Ray dead
(Image: BBC)

The latest murder in Walford over New Year was Ray Kelly’s, with him shot dead by stepson Hunter Owen.

The villain had been rumbled for bigamy by wife Mel Owen, who had just reconciled with him.

As they prepared to re-marry she set him up and cost him everything he owned, except he found out and tried to kill her.

After being arrested he was released, before kidnapping Hunter and vowing to kill him and Mel once more.

But after a showdown in the woods, Hunter shot him before they buried his body – only for it to be found weeks later.

Emma Summerhayes

Despite no longer working on the case, Emma starts to piece together bits of evidence
Emma Summerhayes was killed off
(Image: BBC)

New Year’s Day 2015 bought the death of police detective Emma, who had just worked out who killed Lucy Beale.

After piecing the clues together she set out to confront Jane Beale over Bobby killing his sister, but was killed before she could expose them.

Viewers didn’t know at the time who she’d rumbled, and before they could find out Emma was hit by a car driven by Roxy Mitchell – sabotaged by Nick Cotton.

While she seemed fine after the crash, she later collapsed in partner Max Branning’s arms before dying in hospital from an intracerebral hemorrhage.

Other New Year deaths:

Here are some other deaths that occurred on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day over the years…

James Branning – Ronnie Mitchell and Jack Branning’s baby son sadly died on New Year’s Eve 2010 from Sudden Infant Death syndrome.

David Collins – Jane Beale’s first husband passed away from Huntington’s disease on New Year’s Eve 2004.

Mo Butcher – The mother of Frank Butcher passed away on New Year’s Eve 1992 after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Stephanie Watson – Stephanie died on New Year’s Eve that same year, in 1992, after being run over by Pat Butcher.

EastEnders airs New Year’s Eve at 7:30pm, and New Year’s Day at 8pm on BBC One.

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