Elon Musk Drops a Wavey Techno Music Track, and It’s Actually a Banger


Elon Musk has been giving us pop culture gold. First, he blessed us with the most memeable car is recent history — the Tesla Cybertruck. Then, he announced his pregnancy with dream pop singer — Grimes. And now, he’s debuted a celestial banger on SoundClound — “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe.” The tech entrepreneur, who renamed his Twitter account to E “D” M, was filled with exuberance this morning as he shared a new original EDM (electronic dance music) song titled “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe.” Musk was proud that he “wrote the lyrics & performed the vocals!!” He tweeted “this song is hard” before releasing it under his own label, Emo G Records.

“Don’t Doubt ur Vibe” is accompanied by a tagline “It was all a dream” and the hashtag “#Anime” for context. It features Musk’s own distorted vocals, singing “Don’t … doubt … your … vibe. Be … cause … it’s … you.” Musk is definitely taking cues from girlfriend Grimes, whose signature sound combines airy, celestial sounding vocals with distorted electronic beats. Fans have been very fond of Musk’s new venture, with comments including “Musk >>>>>>> kpop” and “Elon pushing humanity forward in all directions!” Surprisingly, this isn’t Musk’s first foray into music. His first ever song titled “RIP Harambe” is an auto-tuned hip-hop song that was released in March 2019. Keep reading to listen to Elon Musk’s first EDM track “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe.”

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