Emmerdale viewers left ‘baffled’ as Graham’s dead body left on pile of leaves by murderer


Emmerdale viewers were left baffled after Monday night’s episode.

Fans were left to believe Al Chapman seemingly murdered Graham Foster – under the instructions of Kim Tate – but were distracted by how Graham’s dead body was left on a pile of leaves in the woods.

Shocked by Graham’s lifeless corpse not being concealed, one Twitter user joked: “Whoever buried Graham may aswell of hung him from the Woolpack roof #Emmerdale.”

Emmerdale viewers were left baffled after Monday night’s episode after Graham Foster was murdered
(Image: ITV)

Other confused TV watchers added: “Brilliant episode however, he didn’t exactly do a very good job of burying the body just piled a few leaves on top?!?!?!? #Emmerdale” and “Was Graham killed by a kilo of wet leaves? #Emmerdale.”

A fourth jibbed: “Kim:’No trace, Graham can never be found’ Al : *Throws a few leaves over body* #Emmerdale.”

Another micro-blogger mocked: “Nice one Al …. you really covered that up well … a few leaves …. no one will ever find him.”

The start of the epic Emmerdale whodunnit began this week with each daily episode coming from a different charater’s perspective – with Monday night’s episode focusing on Al and Kim Tate.

Viewers were distracted by how Graham’s dead body was left on a pile of leaves in the woods
(Image: ITV)
Graham’s killer is unknown as Monday marked the start of the epic Emmerdale whodunnit
(Image: ITV)

During a heated confrontation over Graham’s plan to flee to France, he tricked Kim into thinking he was done with Rhona Goskirk and implied they still had a chance together.

But Kim was fuming when she realised Graham was playing her for a fool and had stolen thousands of pounds o her money, so ordered Al to murder him to get rid of his debt.

At the end of the dark episode, Kim nervously waited as home and contemplated calling the hit off, but Graham’s lifeless body lay in the woods.

With the mist descending in the dark, Al shone a torch on Graham’s dead body before walking off into the darkness.

Al was in the frame tonight
(Image: ITV)

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Kim wanted to know what had happened when Al returned back to Home Farm.

Confirming he had followed her orders, Al said: “I want my money. It’s done. He’s dead.”

But Al did not actually confess to killing Graham – only knowing that Graham is deceased.

*Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursdays at 8pm

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