‘Extreme Love’ Preview: Dean Reveals How Many Love Dolls He Gets Intimate With — Watch


Twice-divorced Dean also revealed his very favorite doll, how be balances relationships with all 12 of his ‘ladies’, and how they’ve him helped through difficult times in this EXCLUSIVE clip!

Retired psychiatric nurse Dean shares his UK home with 12 love dolls — and he loves every second of it! Explaining that he’s now a professional “doll photographer,” Dean could be seen introducing his prized possessions in an EXCLUSIVE new clip from WE Tv’s Extreme Love. “I do understand, some people when they see them, they think it’s creepy at first,” Dean explained, as he toured cameras around his home. “I don’t get it myself, because I think they’re beautiful works of art.”

The collector, who says the dolls helped him fill a void in his life after his two divorces, opened up the ladies being dubbed “sex” toys. “We keep using the term sex dolls but that really limits the function,” he defensively explained. “I hate that term…I wasn’t going to talk about that but I don’t [have sex] with all my dolls.” Sex dolls are best described as life size toys that owners may use for sexual pleasure, and many of them feature silicone parts to better mimic the actual human body.

Though Dean owns 12 in total, he favors one above all — and she arguably is the one that holds the key to his heart. “I am very fond of Sarah, my first [doll],” Dean, who doesn’t have a human girlfriend, revealed. “I see her as the…I don’t even know the word to use…I nearly said person, but she’s not a person. But she did open the door to what I do now.” He also explained that she does have a “metal skeleton,” reminding viewers that Sarah “can’t walk.”

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His connection with Sarah, in particular, is deeper than with any of the others. “I can say now, ‘oh yeah, Sarah’s not happy about something’,” he said of their close bond. “[I know if] she’s pissed off with me because I took Megan around today, not her. And she’s been around for three years. Why wasn’t it her, you know.” The doll — who is seemingly inspired by a sexy librarian — was pivotal in helping Dean navigate life as a single empty-nester. “[Sarah] did get a body upgrade for her birthday, actually, because I really wanted her to be in more standing shots,” he revealed as he showed off photos of the orange-lipped doll all over his home.

“I became intrigued, really, as to what it would be like to have something that looked very, very real and human in the house, and whether that would give me the sense that I had some company here,” he said to producers in another clip. “And it did, and it’s strange, because I don’t have an emotional bond with my toaster or my fridge, but I do definitely with Sarah. I can’t help it.” Life with his dolls doesn’t just exist at home, but also, out in public: at one point, the avid collector could be seen taking the statuesque figures out for a photoshoot at the park. Each of them appears to have a different look, down to wardrobe, hair choice, and clothing — giving Dean plenty of options based on his mood.

“It’s me, it’s my brain, playing all this stuff — I’m aware of it,” Dean also admitted, seemingly aware the the dolls are, in fact, dolls.

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