Holly Willoughby relives most embarrassing moment of her life in epic fashion fail


Holly Willoughby relived the most embarrassing moment of her life on today’s This Morning.

The presenter awkwardly swerved a question on her sex life during a segment with Real Housewives star Dawn Ward and journalist Dawn Neesom.

But she spoke very openly while discussing her biggest fashion fail, which happened at 10 Downing Street of all places.

Holly had an epic wardrobe malfunction in the toilet of the Prime Minister’s house – but could not call for help as she had handed her phone in to security.

Explaining what happened, Holly said: “One of the most embarrassing moments of my life was when I went to 10 Downing Street and when you go in you have to give you phone in to security because you can’t take your phone in.”

Holly Willoughby had an epic fashion fail at 10 Downing Street
(Image: ITV)
She went to pull up her dress and it split in half
(Image: ITV)

“I went in I give my coat in, went upstairs, I was wearing a dress and it had a zip from top to bottom at the back.

“I went to the loo, as I went to pull my skirt up it just went bang. I mean the dress was just split in half. There was nothing I could do about it.”

While she was speaking, a very revealing photo showing exactly what happened to Holly’s dress flashed up on screen.

Holly did not know what to do
(Image: ITV)
Dawn Ward and Dawn Neesom were shocked by Holly’s story
(Image: ITV)

Holly added: “Luckily I was wearing huge knickers but I couldn’t ring anyone to come and help me.

“I had to wait until a lady came in, and said ‘oh can you go outside and find my husband and ask him to get my coat’.”

Holly batted away questions on her sex life
(Image: ITV)

This came almost immediately after Holly swerved an awkward question about her sex life.

They were discussing a poll that revealed a third of women have no interest in sex.

After Dawn Ward confessed she still has sex three times a week, Dawn Neesom asked Holly about her own bedroom antics.

Phillip also refused to answer the question
(Image: Ken McKay/ITV/REX)

Sheepish Holly said: “I am not part of this. This is not something anyone needs to know.”

Refusing to let anything slip, Holly added: “I can be honest with my friends but I’m not going to talk about this here.”

Attention was then directed towards Phillip Schofield but he also batted away that line of questioning.

*This Morning airs weekdays

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