Jordan Banjo’s mum still wakes Diversity boys up so they don’t miss work

They have a 3am wake up call for their new radio gig, so the Diversity boys enlisted the help of a “Hulk-like” Mafiosa to wrench them from their beds if they oversleep: Jordan Banjo’s mum.

The Greatest Dancer host Jordan and Dancing on Ice star Perri Kiely start their 6am breakfast show on Kiss this morning and planned to set several alarm clocks each.

But just in case they failed, their backup plan was Jordan’s mum Dani, who manages Diversity.

Jordan warns: “You don’t want Dani Banjo after you.

Perri on Dancing on Ice
(Image: Matt Frost/ITV/Shutterstock)

“It’s like a Mafia hit if she starts ringing you. It’s bad times. Scary. She will be abseiling outside my window.

“She’s like the Hulk, you do not want to get her angry.”

Dani has reason to worry, as Jordan struggled with his alarm during practice shows last week.

He accidentally got showered and ready for work at 11:30pm, to the delight of his sleeping fiancee, mother of the couple’s two toddler children, Naomi Courts.

Jordan has plenty of motivation to be at work on time for the weekday shows, as he says: “My options are wake up and come into Kiss, or wake up and get toast thrown at my head by a two-year-old.”

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