LeBron’s Charter School Highlighted In New Nike Ad


You can debate whether or not LeBron James is the GOAT, but what’s not up for debate is the impact he’s made on the lives of so many children in need. 

In his latest commercial from Nike, James asks, “What if there were no more humble beginnings?”

The commercial’s central theme, narrated by James, is an athlete’s humble beginnings and how they rise up to beat the odds. This of course is James’ life story. 

He grew up poor and there were periods where he and his mom were homeless. 

During his fourth grade school year he missed cumulative months of school in part because he didn’t have permanent or transitional housing. He and his mother, Gloria, moved at least a half dozen times during that year. 

As he narrates in the commercial, “We always hear about an athlete’s humble beginnings. How they emerged from poverty or tragedy to beat the odds. They’re supposed to be the stories of determination that capture the American Dream.”

James is that story of determination, and through his I Promise School, featured in the commercial, he is helping thousands of kids in his native Akron, Ohio, turn their humble beginnings into origin stories that conclude with unfathomable greatness, too. 

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James took to Twitter last week to share the commercial and his thoughts on how far he’s come. 

“17 years ago @nike took a chance on a kid from Akron. And 17 years later this has given me the ability to provide opportunities for my 1400 kids in Akron so that one day NOTHING is left to chance,” he wrote. “They will KNOW that a kid from Akron is something special #ThekidfromAKRON.”

Kudos to LeBron and all of his efforts to help those that are less fortunate and in need. 

LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers will play on Christmas Day (Wednesday) against the Los Angeles Clippers. 

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