Love Island’s Leanne moans ex Mike is ‘obsessed’ with her as he chats up other girls


Love Island’s Leanne Amaning moaned her ex Mike Boateng was “so obsessed” with her while he openly flirted with other girls on front of her.

Leanne broke up with Mike yesterday very bluntly, telling him “I just don’t like you”.

Mike seemed heartbroken – but the very next day he tried it on with both Sophie Piper and Jess Gale as he desperately tried to find another girl to couple up with.

But Sophie and Jess are both Leanne’s friends, and she was sitting close by so was raging as Mike laid in on thick in front of her with two of her pals.

Later on, Mike approached Leanne to find out how she felt about it.

Leanne branded her ex Mike ‘obsessed’ with her
(Image: ITV)

Sitting beside her, Mike awkwardly tried to joke around with her, before asking her if she had a problem with him trying it on with her friends.

Leanne informed him that she felt it was unneccesary for him to have moved on so quick, and to have been so obvious about it.

Still keen for Leanne’s attention, Mike repeatedly asked her questions about it – despite her giving off serious ‘leave me alone’ vibes.

Mike shamelessly tried it on with Jess in front of Leanne
(Image: ITV)

When he eventually left her side, Leanne muttered to herself: “God, just go away.

“Literally obsessed with me.”

Plenty of viewers took to Twitter to disagree with Leanne.

One wrote: “Leanne thinking mike is obsessed with her LMAOO the Beyonce of Waltham Forest has jumped out”.

Leanne ended up being dumped from the villa after her ex Mike chose to couple up with Sophie
(Image: ITV)

Another added: “Lmfaaaaoo sorry but how dare Leanne be fumin that Mike didn’t pick her after literally SAYING “go away why you so obsessed wit me” … odddddd behaviour”.

“Leanne calling mike obsessed with her? don’t flatter yourself hun”, added a third.

In the recoupling, Mike picked Sophie, meaning Leanne was dumped from the island, much to the shock of the other islanders.

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Cruel viewers noted that he did not pick Leanne, despite her proclaiming he was “obsessed” with her.

One wrote: “Leanne saying Mike is obsessed with her and then he sent her home, that has to be the BEST thing I’ve ever seen”.

Another joked: “Well Leanne, you’ve been dumped from the villa and you are now free to have all the space you want from Mike”.

* Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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