MLK Jr.’s Son Responds To Trump’s Holiday Tweet


In an interview with CNN, MLK III responded to Trump’s MLK Jr. Day tweet, in which he celebrated his own three-year anniversary of being sworn into office and boasted about African-American unemployment rates being “the LOWEST in the history of our Country.”

“I think they’re always good words, but the question is: Is it actually documented and true?” MLK III told CNN.

“When I travel around the country, between the ages of 18 and 30 years old, African American unemployment rates are 40, 50 and 60 percent in some communities,” he continued. “If we were as well-off as being stated, you would see violence decreased. You would see a community exist in more of a different way.”

MLK III added: “But every day, somewhere around this nation, particularly in communities of color, someone is being killed. In poor communities someone is being killed. More and more people are living on the streets in a trillion-dollar economy. A nation with trillions of dollars of economy, we have the audacity to have homeless people. That is unacceptable.”

He then reiterated about Trump’s tweet, “I think it’s great to say that, but I don’t know that it is accurate.”

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