Most mind-blowing EastEnders conspiracy theories as fans work out what happened to Keanu


EastEnders fans are convinced Keanu Taylor isn’t dead and they’ve been sharing some wild conspiracy theories online.

Keanu realised his days were number after it became clear that Phil Mitchell, father of his fiancee Louise, knew about his affair with Sharon.

Not only did Phil confront Sharon about her toyboy/baby daddy, he also hatched a plan to get rid of Keanu.

Well, he didn’t do that much – it was son Ben who managed to persuade Martin Fowler he had to pull the trigger instead in exchange for help covering up his festive hit and run accident.

Martin snatched Keanu just as he was about to run off with Louise and their baby daughter Peggy, with furious Lou confirming she knew about the murder plot.

Keanu’s death was later seeingly confirmed as Marton showed Ben a video of the dastardly deed.

However many fans aren’t convinced they are sure Keanu is about to rise from the grave.

Was Keanu Taylor murdered by Martin Fowler?
(Image: BBC)
Was Louise Mitchell part of a conspiracy to save the love rat?
(Image: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Louise is in on plot to save Keanu

As well as being convinced that Keanu is alive, many fans think Louise actually helped him get away.

Despite playing up to being a member of the Mitchels and honouring the family code of silence, viewers are convinced she won’t have helped murder the man she loves even though he was cheating with Sharon.

They think she’s just biding her time to reunite with him and run off with their little gilr – taking her far away from bad influence Phil.

One tweeted: “I kind of hope that Keanu isn’t dead, Louise is just playing along with it all and is really going to run off with him #EastEnders .”

He is seen alive in a flashback episode
(Image: BBC)
Fans think Linda got caught up in the drama
(Image: BBC)

Linda was involved after going missing

The weirdest conspiracy theory is that Linda Carter is the real killer. The alcoholic pub landlady went missing on Christmas Day after a booze binger landed her in hospital.

After checking herself out, she failed to get hom until the early hours of Boxing Day with nothing but a feeble excuse about helping a heartbroken friend.

Fans think Linda may have been kidnapped by off-the-rails Martin and forced to kill Keanu.

One tweeted:  “Just chucking it out there, buuuut… Martin fowler from Eastenders didn’t kill keanu, he got Linda to do it when she was drunk and went missing.

“Sshe was that drunk she doesn’t remember the night… You heard it here first #EastEnders .”

Another wrote: “Martin got drunk Linda to kill Keanu in Eastenders.”

Louise may be planning to run off with Keanu
(Image: BBC)
Martin snatched him in the van
(Image: BBC)

Keanu faked his own death

This one looks like it might have the most credibility – Keanu was desperate to save his own life so her persuaded Martin to create an elaborate plot to fake his own death.

Martin didn’t really want to kill him anyway, so they filmed the video together and effectively faked the shooting.

It would have allowed Keanu to get away and let Martin off the hook without having to shoot anyone.

Could Linda have witnessed the murder?
(Image: BBC)

Linda got taken hostage

Some fans think Linda was involved but only by accident. She would have been stumbling around the Square drunk at the time all this was kicking off so it’s likely she might have accidentally seen something.

Martin may have taken her hostage and kept her until Boxing Day when it became clear she was so hammered she probably wouldn’t remember being part of a murder anyone.

One viewer tweeted: “Prediction- Louise asked Martin not too kill Keanu Martin and Keanu faked the video. Linda saw him, so he took her hostage.”

Bad Martin might have let Keanu go
(Image: ITV)

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Fans will have to wait until New Year to find out what happened to Keanu as all will be revealed in a flashback episode.

The new flashback trailer teased Linda’s whereabouts, with her shown appearing shocked after witnessing something terrible.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed she was walking in front of the van that Martin used to kidnap Keanu – or at least one that looked identical to it.

Video Loading

Is it a red herring, or was Linda there when Keanu was apparently shot by Martin?

She did have blood on her shoe after all, and not to mention the recent location photos of her and Martin filming horrifying scenes with him brandishing a gun around….

EastEnders airs Mondays and Fridays at 8pm, and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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