Shay Mitchell’s Trainer Reveals The Full-Body Workout Circuit You Should Try To Get Toned This Year


Getting back into a routine for the new year can be tough but luckily, Shay Mitchell’s trainer, Astrid Swan, revealed the exact full-body workout circuit you should try to get in the best shape of your life!

There’s nothing worse than going to the gym only to realize you forgot which workouts to do, which is why circuits are so important. A workout circuit involves cycling through different exercises that target different parts of your body and then repeating the circuit a few times. If you’re looking to start fresh this new year with a brand new workout, you’re in luck because Shay Mitchell’s trainer, Astrid Swan, who is also a Barry’s Bootcamp trainer, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, the full-body circuit that she swears by. “I love a circuit!” Astrid gushed. “Start with a three to five minute warm-up of your choice – treadmill, elliptical, rower. It can be done at an ‘easier pace’ to get the body warmed up. Grap a pair of medium-sized dumbbells (depending on strength level – 5-15 lbs). Do 8 reps of each exercise and repeat 3 times through. 8 bicep curls, 8 squats, 8 parallel presses, 8 plank burpees (leave weights on the floor), 8 renegade rows, 8 pushups (modify on knees if needed). Rest for 30-45 seconds. Repeat 2 more times.”

As for other workouts that Astrid suggests, “Strength options. All can be done on or off a bed/couch, sturdy chair, or park bench. Some exercises you can do on these bases include pushups, tricep dips, sit to jump (sit down on a chair, engage your glutes, and squat jump as you rise), split squat lunges (1 foot up on the item being used, base leg on the floor forward enough to protect the knee). Bend both knees lowering straight down, keeping weight in the base leg heel and watching that the knee isn’t going forward over the ankle. Another exercise is forearm plank knee drives (make sure hips are tucked, glutes are engaged, bring the right knee forward to the outside of the right elbow towards the shoulder, crunch your oblique. Repeat both sides back and forth. Set your timer for 30-45 seconds and do as many reps as you can with proper form.”

Astrid continued saying, “You can make any circuit out of this. For example, pick your one cardio option and one strength option and do four rounds back to back. Rest one minute. Continue with another set of cardio/strength, repeat as many times you want. I would recommend starting with three different blocks. Another example would be to pick two cardios to bookend your four exercises of strength circuit. Cardio one, four strength exercises, then cardio two. Rest 30 seconds to one minute repeat three times.”

Losing weight and getting fit doesn’t just end with working out, and Astrid revealed some of her favorite healthy eating habits, as well “Eat at home more and pack your lunch! Meal prep twice a week. I like Sundays and Wednesdays so I don’t feel like I’m spending hours in the kitchen. Organize your fridge! Having glass Tupperware keeps your produce longer and easier to see. Drink water! Carry a portable water bottle with you at all times so you are never thirsty. Don’t go to an extreme diet or quick fix. Start today to make your choices a healthy habit for a lifetime.”

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