Tyler Perry’s ‘The Oval’ Episode 11 Recap


Written by Starr Rocque

Episode 11 of Tyler Perry’s The Oval begins with Agent Yuma driving Denise, the president’s jump off, back to her store. Denise flirts hard with Yuma, and even tries to get her number, but Yuma does a good job of blocking her advances. Good for her. She saw through the BS. 

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Next, Richard gets home and finds Nancy in the kitchen. He asks her for the spare key to Barry’s car. This is related to their accidental shooting incident from a few episodes ago. You know, the incident that killed Thomas Fields. Basically, Richard is trying to get rid of the car but Nancy calls his bluff and demands to know what’s up. Richard shows her a flier has a picture of Barry’s car on it in connection to the murder of Thomas Fields. Then he explains that he and Barry tussled over Barry’s gun, but he drops the bomb when he says he’s the reason the gun went off and killed that man. Nancy says they need to go to the police, of course. In her mind they’ll be OK because it was an accident. But Richard definitely isn’t trying to go that route. He urges Nancy to trust him as he figures things out. This already sounds suspect. 

Agent Yuma plays it cool with Denise.

Agent Yuma plays it cool with Denise.

Let’s fast-forward a bit. Priscilla walks into the kitchen to find Victoria preparing a cup of coffee so she steps in and asks if Victoria needs help. Eventually Victoria cuts to the chase and asks Priscilla what the staff knows about her fight with Hunter. Priscilla explains that she ‘look but don’t see.’ Get it? Obviously Victoria is worried about leaks to the press. Priscilla claims that she shouldn’t worry because the staff is used to keeping quiet. Then Priscilla suggests that Victoria and Hunter put on a unified front to the staff. 

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Moments later, Victoria gets word that her father is on the line and wants to talk to her and Hunter. Basically, he tells them that he heard some shenanigans were going down in the White House. They deny it but obviously, these White House streets are talking. Victoria reveals that they need to get through these four years so they can make more money. They obviously hate each other, but in her mind, anything is worth it for the money and by extension, the power.  She then tells him he better not forget who put him in the White House because they’re expecting a return on their investment.

Uh, who the heck is they because they sound like they don’t play? We won’t get that answer any time soon but the next step for now is for them to gather the staff and have a talk. Hold that thought. 

Richard inspects the car.

Richard inspects the car.

Barry realizes he left his daughter’s doll in his car. He carries the doll around because it smells like her. Anyway, he rushes out of the house with Sharon in tow and you guessed it, his car is missing because Richard took it! He starts spazzing out again and then plans to call the police. Sharon tells him not to call the police because he has warrants since he beat up her boss that time. Nancy steps into the kitchen and says she knows where Barry’s car is. Sharon goes to work then Nancy steps in and smacks fire out of Barry because she’s tired of him. That’s when she reveals that Richard is trying to get rid of the car to protect him. Barry still starts ranting about how he needs the car because the doll is in there. Then Richard walks in and you already  know his goody goody didn’t actually get rid of that car. He tells Barry he needs to get dressed because they’re going to the police. Barry wants to know why but Richard just tells him that he’ll explain it on the way. 

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Now we’re back to First Daughter Gayle. Last week, she jumped out of a moving vehicle to escape her mother. It turns out that she didn’t break any bones. She’s just a little battered and needs some rest. However, her Evil mother wants her to suffer even more. So, she tells the attending doctor not to give Gayle anymore pain meds. Then pays her daughter a visit. She hands Gayle her phone and shows her the footage of Kyle shooting Picky and his crew down like they’re dogs. 

Now we’re at Victoria and Hunter’s staff meeting. Victoria and Hunter apologize to their staff and lie about still loving each other very much. They claim they were drunk during that incident and that they will be better with each other and the staff moving forward. However, the staff knows this is total bull. 

Now we’re back at Richard’s place. Nancy gets Richard to talk to Tally, the woman from the Ragadooshi cult that they’ve been harboring. Richard questions her about where his granddaughter is. Tally says she doesn’t know where his granddaughter is but she gives them a photo of her daughter and writes a list of places where the cult moves around to. She also says that the highest will kill her because once you leave it’s a mark for death. She then asks them to record her and gives a last will and testament stating that she wants her daughters raised by Nancy and Richard, then she shoots herself in the mouth. 


Next week is the season finale of The Oval. What questions do you have that you hope to get answers to? 

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